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Version: 5.13.0

CDM Steering Working Group


This working group serves as the driving force behind the strategic direction and technical aspects of the CDM. We are responsible for establishing technical and modeling guidelines, setting and revising the project’s strategic roadmap, and vetting proposed changes. Additionally, we approve or establish additional working groups to address specific needs within the CDM ecosystem.


  • Define and monitor the overall roadmap, setting annual priorities.
  • Decide on support for resourcing initiatives proposed by other working groups (TAWG, CRWG, or DWGs).
  • Approve new FINOS Working Groups (WGs).
  • Determine matters of Governance & Operating Model for FINOS CDM WGs.
  • Provide final release approval.


Join us Monthly on the Second Tuesday 11AM EST (4 PM GMT). Email to be added to the meeting invites directly, or find the meeting in the FINOS Community Calendar.

2024 Roadmap

Steering WG Roadmap


To subscribe to the Steering Working Group mailing list and stay updated on meetings and agenda, please send an email to After sending the email, you will receive a confirmation message. Reply to confirm your subscription.

To view meeting notes and agendas, view our current and past GitHub Meeting Issues.