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Get Involved

Interact with the CDM community


CDM activity primarily happens in this CDM GitHub repository. Watch the repository in order to be notified of new Pull Requests and issues.


If you'd like to receive official updates, please send an email to You can join the CDM mailing list by sending an email to


Finally, another great way to interact with the community is to attend the bi-weekly Contribution Review Working Group, monthly Collateral Working Group, monthly FINOS Structured Products Working Group, monthly Steering Working Group, monthly Technology Architecture Working Group, bi-weekly Derivative Products and Business Events Working Group, and/or quarterly Steering Working Group: email to be added to the meeting invites directly, or find the meeting in the FINOS Community Calendar.

Need help?

Email if you need help getting started in the CDM Community or if you encounter technical difficulties accessing repositories, mailing lists or meetings.

Contacting CDM Maintainers

FINOS CDM MaintainerRepresentingCapacityGithubID
Gabriel CallsenICMAOrgRepgabriel-ICMA
Tom HealeyICMAOrgReptomhealey-icma
Vernon Alden-SmithISDAOrgRepvaldensmith
Eleonora AcunaISDAOrgRepeacunaISDA
David ShoneISDAOrgRepdshoneisda
Adrian DaleISLAOrgRepADaleISLA
Chris RaynerISLAOrgRepchrisisla
Minesh PatelRegnosysOrgRepminesh-s-patel
Leo LabeisRegnosysOrgReplolabeis
Hugo HillsRegnosysOrgRephugohills-regnosys
Lyteck LynhiavuISDAOrgRepllynhiavu
Manuel MartosTradeHeaderOrgRepmanel-martos
Marc GratacosTradeHeaderOrgRepmgratacos

If you would like to get in touch with the CDM maintainer team, contact them through their mailing list at You can do so by first subscribing at and posting at .