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Use Cases


The Common Data Model is a powerful framework that offers a multitude of use cases across various industries and sectors. The standardisation that it provides allows firms to integrate it into different systems and platforms, promoting interoperability and data exchange across the entire market.

Documentation on some of the common use cases for the model is provided here.

Eligible Collateral Representation

The CDM provides a standard data format to represent all the information required to define collateral eligibility, including asset descriptors, issuer details, asset type, maturity profile, credit risk rating, and collateral haircut.

Please see Eligible Collateral Representation for more details.

Repurchase Agreement Representation

Repurchase transactions and lifecycle events are represented in the CDM, with support for basic repo transactions, fixed term repo, open repo, fixed rate and floating rate and buy/sell-back transactions.

Please see Repurchase Agreement Representation for more details.

Securities Lending

Securities lending products, trades and transactions are all provided by the CDM, allowing open or term cash and non-cash collateralised loans, using either fixed or floating rates, on a principal or agency basis, to be represented.

Please see Securities Lending for more details.

Pre-trade Processing

Pre-trade processing refers to the various steps and procedures that market participants undertake before a trade is executed. The goal of this processing is to ensure that trades are executed efficiently and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Please see Pre-trade Processing for more details.